September 19, 2021

About Us

The Old Trafford area of Manchester was inhabited by a small Sunni Muslim community in the early mid 70’s. In 1977, the Old Trafford Muslim Society was established to cater for the religious and general welfare needs of the local Muslim Community.

To achieve this, a redundant Co-Op Shop situated at the corner of Stamford Street & St Brides Street was bought through donations made by local Muslims and various Muslim families living throughout the UK. This shop was converted to serve as a Masjid and was called Masjid-E-Noor. The conversion cost was taken on by the Muslims living in the area. The prayer hall accommodated for a hundred Mussalli’s (worshippers) and was sufficient at that time.

Over time, there was a vast increase of Muslims moving to the area mainly from South Asia, but also from the Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia as well as many other Countries from the East.

In order to continue serving the needs of the local Muslims, larger premises were sought for some time but there were no existing facilities suitable for conversion within the area.

Alhamdulillah (All praise be to Allah), an opportunity then arose allowing Old Trafford Muslim Society to purchase a block of 16 flats owned and run by Trafford Council, located opposite the existing Masjid-E-Noor building. The purchase was completed after long and drawn-out negotiations with Trafford Council which included planning approval to demolish the block of flats and build a purpose built Masjid on the site. The proposed scheme was based on a two storey block to give better usage of the land available and to cater for a variety of functions. The minarets distinctly identify the building as a Masjid and Islamic centre to new-comers.

The Masjid was built with a main entrance/ reception hall. The ground floor comprises of the Main Prayer Hall, Wudhu (Ablution) area including toilet facilities. The upper floor has Madrasah class rooms, area for ladies gatherings, secondary Wudhu & Toilet facilities, kitchen, and restroom for visiting Jama’ats. Facilities for the disabled and handicapped are also provided which include a Lift and Disabled WC. The Mosque has parking space for 25 cars including 2 Disabled parking spaces which was created to reduce on-street parking during Masjid usage.

On the 17th October 2003, the new Jame’ah Masjid E Noor building was opened by Old Trafford Muslim Society.